The Biggest Drawbacks of DIY Hail Repair

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Hailstorms can cause a lot of damage to vehicles. Since there isn’t much time to prepare for hailstorms, the possibility of damage to an unprotected vehicle is significant. Hailstones can leave noticeable dents and pits in a vehicle’s exterior.

Having hood damage and car windows repaired can be expensive. This is why so many vehicle owners try to handle repair damage on their own, rather than hiring the professionals. While there is an array of YouTube vehicles and articles teaching DIY hail damage repair, it doesn’t mean they should be used.

Why DIY Hail Damage Repairs Aren’t Reliable

You may notice just a small dent or gouge in your vehicle, which in your mind, doesn’t justify the need for professional services. Unfortunately, trying to handle the repair on your own can make a bad situation worse.

Problems with the Plunger Puller Repair Method

There’s a rumor that using a plunger puller will pull out dents. However, this method makes the problem more prominent. When the plunger is pushed in, the dent becomes larger to produce the suction needed to pull out the dent.

Issues with DIY Repair Kits

For just $20, you can fix hail damage just like a profession – sounds good, right? There are several auto hail repair kits available that make the promise to get the dents out of your vehicle just like a professional who offers hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO. Just think about that claim. Professionals have years of experience and have spent thousands of dollars on specialized tools. So, it doesn’t make sense that a $20 kit will work to remove dents.

If your vehicle has any hail damage, don’t put off repairs. While it may seem like a considerable investment upfront, it is one that makes sense because DIY repair methods just won’t provide the same quality results. 

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