Silly Fluffy Barking Jumping Wet-Nosed Dog Book

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There is something special about a dog that is hard to define. It is a bundle of love wrapped up in fur and sealed with a wet nose. My children love dogs of all shapes and sizes. “Silly Fluffy Barking Jumping Wet-Nosed Dog Book” is an adorable book that teaches little ones about different breeds and their characteristics that is perfect for dog lovers of all ages.

Playing with a puppy in the park

“Silly Fluffy Barking Jumping Wet-Nosed Dog Book” by Agnes Green is the story of a little boy who loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, from the giant Great Dane to the little Pug. This little boy wishes that he could have a dog all his own to love and care for. Will his wish come true?

Silly Fluffy Barking Jumping Wet-Nosed Dog Book Cover

This story is written in verse and easy to read for young readers. The story describes the characteristics that make each dog unique. You can feel the love that the little boy has for each dog.

On the surface, this is a fun and humorous story about dogs that any little dog lover will enjoy. Looking a little deeper you can talk with your child about how each one of us is unique with our own amazing qualities, just like each of the dogs in the story.

The illustrator, Olena Potyomkina, has created images of dogs, each one with it own unique personality that shines through in the drawing. I love how the font changes colour depending on the background image. This makes it easy to read on both light and dark images.

“Silly Fluffy Barking Jumping Wet-Nosed Dog Book” can be found on Amazon and is a story that any dog lover will enjoy reading time and time again.

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