Three Unique Gift Ideas

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Finding and giving gifts can be exciting and fun or it can be wrought with uncertainty and indecisiveness. What do you get for someone who doesn’t value materials goods? Or for someone who likes gifts to be practical? What about that person who likes knick-knacks, but they end up in boxes in the closet? Below are three gift ideas to satisfy these different styles of receiving gifts.

1. Customize the Gift Based on Love Language

Each person has a unique combination of ways they like to receive love. From spending uninterrupted time together to having a meal cooked for him or her, a person’s love language will likely guide what he or she appreciates in a gift. If the person you’re getting a gift for likes it when people do something for him or her, perhaps you can surprise him or her by taking care of all the chores for a day, including cooking a meal. If he or she feels loved when you say loving and affirming things, you can make a little book about what you love about him or her.

2. Give a Useful and Decorative Gift

Giving a useful gift doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive to giving a decorative gift. One example is Jemez pottery California. Pottery is a great gift because it’s decorative and artful, and comes in many practical forms such as flower vases, plates and water carafes. This is a great gift for someone who likes practical things, and for someone who likes decorative things but ends up storing them – the practicality will keep it out of storage.

3. The Gift of Togetherness

Sometimes the person you’re trying to figure out a gift for truly doesn’t want anything tangible. In that case, the best gift you can give is the presence of loved ones. If they’re social, you can plan a surprise party for them. If they’re introverted, ask them out to lunch and pick up the bill.

Whatever gift you give, follow these tips to make sure it’s something that the individual will truly appreciate.

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