Springtime Themed Multiplication Worksheets

Spring is in the air. With the school closures, the kids and I have been spending more and more time outdoors. We have been geocaching along the trail close to our home. The kids love finding new places to explore.

When we return home it’s time for a little school work. We’re currently working on multiplication. Finding multi-page worksheets can be challenging. Many of the resources that I find are a single sheet of questions and after my children finish them I have to hunt for another sheet.

I love the “Springtime Multiplication Worksheets” from Multi Taskin’ Mom.

The workbook covers both single-digit and double-digit multiplication. The questions are mixed up for a total of 15 pages of questions. There are 10 pages of single-digit addition with 25 questions each and 5 pages of double-digit multiplication with 20 questions each. The worksheets provide ample workspace to show your work.

I would like to see the equations written in both vertically and horizontally. Again this is a personal choice based on the way the questions are written in the math book they use at school.

The worksheets are beautifully designed, with coloured borders and a little bird in the background. I only have access to a monochrome printer and they printed out beautifully. My daughter took the time to colour the bird during her free time. I do wish there was an option to remove the border, but that is just a personal choice.

The worksheets can be used in a variety of ways. I printed mine two sheets per page and created a small book for my daughter to work on. The sheets could also be laminated to be used over and over.

One of my favourite things about these worksheets is that she has created several themes with the same questions inside. Each of my children can choose their favourites. My daughter loved the “Springtime bird” and my son loves the “Minecraft” theme. There are also other worksheets available for subtraction and addition.

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