3 Good Gifts for Preschoolers

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Your preschooler is growing by leaps and bounds since rapid growth occurs in this age group. Preschoolers are exploring, learning, thinking, using their imaginations and playing. Since this is a critical time in development, it is important to provide your young one with some tools that can aid in development and create building blocks for extended learning. Here are some ideas for good gifts for preschoolers. 

Skills-Building Toys

Children between the ages of three and five are learning a lot of new skills, including social, sensory, mathematical, fine and gross motor and emotional. Toys that can help them in these areas are good choices for gifts. You can find toys that work on multiple skills or those that hone in on one. 


Spread the joy of reading with some books. Choose ones that you can read to your child that will keep his or her interest. To instill a love of reading in your emergent reader, you could get a personalized ABC book. These books place your child’s name throughout the book which gives it a distinctive touch and more sentimental value.

Subscription Box

A subscription box is an optimal choice for a young child because they usually have an educational focus and there are many types available. You can find STEM, geography, art, crafts, food and toy subscription boxes, which means you can easily find a box that caters to your little one. With this service, a new box comes each month and most companies let you skip a month or so if you need to.

When you are choosing a gift to get a preschooler, take some time to think about the types of development that are going on with children in this age group and pick items that can assist with meeting age-specific milestones. Some choices include subscription boxes, books and skills-building toys.

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