Silk’n ReVit Prestige

Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Silk’n ReVit Prestige – Blackhead Remover Vacuum – Microdermabrasion Machine with LCD Display – Cleansing Exfoliating Face Scrub Pore Vacuum” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.”

Developing a healthy skincare routine is a delicate balance. What worked in your 20s may not work in your 30s and 40s. If you are still using the same skincare routine that you used 10 years perhaps its time to try some fresh new products and tools, like the “Silk’n ReVit Prestige Microdermabrasion Machine”.

Before you use the kit be sure to read the instructions carefully as you can do damage to your skin. I would recommend doing research to learn more about how microdermabrasion works and what it does to your skin.

Silk'n Revit Prestige

The “Silk’n ReVit Prestige” is a microdermabrasion machine. The kit comes with the Silk’n ReVit Wand, 1 Fine Diamond Tip, 1 Regular Diamond tip, 1 Body Tip, 1 Massage Tip, 1 Charging Stand, 1 USB Adapter, 1 USB Cable, 30 Filters, 1 Pouch, 1 Cleaning Brush and 1 User Manual.

The instructions recommend that you begin with clean skin on the low-intensity setting and treat each area with 2 to 4 passes. I have only used the machine on the low setting and do 2 passes as my skin always feels raw after a treatment.

Despite my face feeling raw, my skin looks noticeably better and feels much more smooth to the touch.

It is recommended that you use this machine no more than 2 times a week but I only use it on as-needed bases because of how it makes my face feel.

Silk'n Revit Prestige

The machine comes with 4 tips so that you can customize each treatment. During treatment, you can switch heads out by pausing the timer.

Silk'n Revit Prestige

The display screen guides you through your treatment. It will show you the area to treat and direction to move the wand on your skin.

It recommends Cheeks – 1 minute, Nose – 30 seconds, Chin – 30 seconds, Forehead – 30 seconds, Eye Area – 30 seconds and Neck – 1 minute. In Auto Mode the wand will pause for a moment to let you know it’s time to switch areas.

It also shows you if you are in Auto or Manual Mode, Battery life and Intensity Level.

Silk'n Revit Prestige

The “Silk’n Revit Prestige” is a tool that can help your skin look and feel better, but it must be used with care to avoid damaging your sensitive skin.

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