Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack by U-Taste

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Counter space in any kitchen is prime real estate. We have a nice large section of counter that we use for food preparation. Until recently, that was where the dish tray has been placed taking up a significant portion of the counter space. The “Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack by U-Taste” has replaced our drying tray and freed up this space for us to use.

Drying Rack by U-Taste

The drying rack measures approximately 20.75 inches by 13 inches. The rubber coating and small overlap prevent the rack from falling into the sink if it is accidentally bumped. Be sure to measure your sink before ordering to ensure that it fits.

The rack is sturdy enough to hold our dishes. The rods are strong and do not bend when a load of dishes is placed on them. The joints between the rods are flexible so it can flex to conform to small obstacles on your sink.

Drying Rack by U-Taste

The drying rack can be rolled up for easy storage. It is too long for our drawers but fits under our counter.

Rolled Up

The rack can also be used as a trivet or a place to dry your fruits and vegetables after they have been washed.

Drying Vegetables

This drying rack works much better than my traditional ‘tray’ rack. The water drips directly into the sink.

The drying rack is a convenient and space-saving way to air dry your dishes.

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