Neat Home Vacuum Set

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Kids love to help around the house. My daughter is learning to cook now, and grew all the vegetables in her own garden this summer and made a delicious soup. When she was younger, she liked to help me vacuum the house and do other chores.


Toys like the “Neat Home Vacuum Set” encourage your little helper to work along side you as you complete your cleaning tasks around the house. By imitating your actions your little helper is learning important life skills!

Battat Vacuum

The “Neat Home Vacuum Set from Play Circle by Battat” includes 1 upright vacuum, 1 hand-held duster, 1 removable duster cup and handle.

Battat Vacuum

The vacuum stands approximately 24 inches when fully assembled. The chunky handle is the right size for small hands.

This is a pretend vacuum which means that there is no suction. The sound will begin and dust beads will whirl in the dust cup to mimic a real vacuum when the pink heart button is pushed to the on position.

The dustbuster can be removed from the vacuum to clean up small pretend messes.

Battat Vacuum

The dust cup is removable and there is a hose for fine detail work, just like on a real vacuum.

Battat Vacuum

There is a non-powered carpet brush on the underside of the head. This collects stray hairs as it is pushed over the carpet.

Battat Vacuum

Battat toys are made free from BPA, Phthalate and lead. Each toy is 100% non-toxic and passes all USA, all Canadian, and European toxicity and safety tests.

Pretend play is important for every child’s development. Using toys like the “Neat Home Vacuum Set” will teach your little one responsibility and how cleaning can be rewarding and fun.

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