Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips

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With the release of “Toy Story 4” this year, Mr. Potato Head has made a big comeback. He has been greatly updated from the one from my youth. “Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips” will have you chuckling at his corny jokes and silly songs.

Mr. Potato Head

“Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips” comes with 10 pieces: 1 hat, 1 pair of eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, 2 lips, 1 nose and 1 body.

Mr. Potato Head

His hat, eyes, ear, arms and nose all connect to his body via the traditional peg system.

His lips connect via a magnet so that they can roam around his face as he speaks. They are difficult to connect and often fall off.

His blue feet can not be removed and have two buttons on them. Press the yellow button for him to speak and the purple for him to sing. “Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips” says 40 phrases and has 4 song parodies.

Being a little comedian himself, my son’s favourite phrase that Mr. Potato Head says is, “I wasn’t feeling great last week…I had a little potato bug.”

We are familiar with 3 of the 4 song parodies. He sings:
– “The Lips on my Face” to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”
– “Potatoes Never Tell” to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”
– “I’m a Tater” to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”
– “My Lips are Movin'” to tune of “Lips are Moving” by written by Meghan Trainor and Kevin Kadish

Now that his feet and lips are no longer interchangeable with his other slots it limits the configurations that you can make.

Mr. Potato Head

Missing from this upgrade of Mr. Potato Head is a place to store extra accessories.

“Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips” takes 3 AA batteries.

Although the new features are a novel idea the upgrade has taken away from the “fun” of the original. Being able to mix and match all his pieces and accessories allowed from some crazy and hilarious combinations.

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