Fisher-Price Little People Friendly School

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The first day of school is exciting, no matter which grade you are in, but the first day of pre-school is extra special. It is often filled with excitement and maybe even a little fear. Before my kids started school we would play school at home with toys like the “Fisher-Price Little People Friendly School” to help each of them explore any questions they might have about what would happen.

The “Fisher-Price Little People School” is an excellent way to introduce your little one to the idea of going to school. It comes with the School, 1 student (boy), 1 Teacher and a removable art easel.

It would be nice if there was at least 1 additional student so that there could be a classroom environment. The Little People from our other sets to fit, so it wasn’t difficult to find a playmate for our little friend.

Fisher Price School

The school comes with four rooms: the Classroom, Art Room, Cafeteria and Rooftop.

The classroom has two seats for the students to sit while the teacher stands at the front of the class. Turn the red button or press the yellow sink to activate the sounds.


The door in the classroom opens up so the students can go outside for recess.

Fisher Price School House

The Art room has a globe that spins but is fixed in place. The Easel can be moved to other rooms. Tap the bell to hear it ring.

School Bell

The cafeteria has a sliding food tray that clicks as it is pushed along. There is a seating area with two chairs and a table.

The teeter-totter really works. The Little People sit on little pegs in the teeter-totter so they do not topple over. Press the red button to make the teeter-totter go up and down.

Fisher Price School

The rooftop has a spinner that shows images of the life cycle of a butterfly. There are also coloured rings to slide.


The floor of the roof has hopscotch moulded onto the floor. This is great opportunity to help your little one with counting, but it is extremely difficult to see.

The school folds for storage. It creates a neat rectangle that fits nicely on a shelf. It would be nice if there was a handle to carry the set.

Fisher Price School

The back of the playset has a garden with a watering can that slides (it is the opposite side of the food tray) and makes a clicking noise.

It connects to other playsets using the connector. It slides into the slot on the side of the playset.

Fisher Price Connector

The playset takes 2 AA Batteries to operate the sounds. There is an on/off switch located on the bottom of the playset. There is no volume control and the speaker is located on the floor of the classroom.

The playsets big feature is that it is bilingual: English and French. Finding toys and books that are in French has been a challenge in our area, so finding this toy has been a delight.

The songs and sounds are first done in English and then followed in French. There is no way to set it to English only or French only.

The clock has hands that move independently. This is a great way to help little ones tell time. I would like to see all the numbers on the clock instead of just 3, 6, 9 and 12. This would help little ones just learning to tell time.

Fisher Price School House

This set maintains the high quality that I have come to expect from Fisher-Price Little People playsets.

The set offers many learning opportunities for little ones. The songs will teach about manners, greetings and making friends. The stickers offer counting opportunities, the garden and butterfly wheel teach about life cycles.

The playset is a great way to introduce your little one to the idea of school and what will happen during the school day.

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