Battat Take-Apart 4×4 Truck

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Learning is a life-long adventure. My son loves to take every opportunity to learn how and why things work. One of his favourite places to do this was at the “Las Vegas Discovery Center”. His favourite exhibit was the Suburu Car that he could repair. Sadly we couldn’t take that car home with us, but the “Battat Take-Apart 4×4 Truck” is an excellent substitute.

Vegas Tire Fix

Your little one can get right to work taking apart the “Battat Take-Apart 4×4 Truck”. The chunky pieces are perfect for little hands to manipulate.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

The set comes with 25 pieces: Drill, Flathead Drill Bit, Star Drill Bit, Flathead Drill Bit, Nut Driver, Tires x5, Tire Bolts x4, Screws x6, Body, Base, Removeable Hard Top, Hood, Seats, Grill.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

The recommended age is 3 and up. With so many pieces I would recommend ages 4-5. It goes together similar to a jig-saw puzzle. The instructions are black and white and difficult for little ones to understand. I would like to see a photo step-by-step guide for little ones to follow.

The drill is battery operated using 2 AA batteries. The three drill bits are interchangeable and simply slide onto the drill. The drill works in both forward and reverse with the slide of a button. Your little one will learn the life skill of tightening screws to the right and loosening screws to the left. You will find yourself repeating “tighty righty, lefty loosey” as your little one works.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

The set is easy to assemble, but your little one may require some assistance for the first few times. The screws are difficult to loosen the first time and required a little extra effort to remove. For the first 7 steps, it does not matter if you use the flathead or the star drill bit.

Step 1: Slide the grill onto the pins on the front.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

Step 2: Attach the interior seats.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

Step 3: Attach the body to the base and do not screw it down yet.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

Step 4: Place the spare tire in the slot and screw down.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

Step 5: Attach the removable cover onto the back and screw down.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

Step 6: Screw down the green engine cover.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

Step 7: The last step is to bolt on the tires. You will need to switch drill bits to the nut driver.

Battat Take-Apart 4x4 Truck

After the 4×4 truck is fully assembled it is ready to head out on great adventures.

Be advised that there are electronics in the drill so be sure to just surface wipe any dirt. The truck can be washed with soapy water as all the parts are plastic.

I would recommend purchasing a small storage tote for this toy in the event that it is not completely assembled. There are many small parts and it does not easily go back into the box.

The plastic around the windows can be slightly sharp and scratches the skin. The plastic on the body of the truck doesn’t feel as sturdy as some of the other Battat toys we own, although we have not had any issues with it breaking.

Battat toys are made free from BPA, Phthalate and lead. Each toy is 100% non-toxic and passes all USA, all Canadian, and European toxicity and safety tests.

Little mechanics will love to take-apart and fix this little 4×4 truck.

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