B. Toys Hellophone

Disclosure: I received a complimentary “B. Toys Hellophone” through the Amazon Vine Program. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Imaginary play is important for every child’s development. They are bombarded with so much screen time that many have forgotten how to use their imaginations to play. “B. Toys Hellophone” is a great alternative to screen time by letting your little pretend to have their own cell phone to send and receive calls.


The “Hellophone” has everything your little one needs to send and receive pretend calls. Flip open the phone to reveal the keypad where your little one can dial a number. Each number has a different tone.

Pressing the button with the three stars to hear “Hi there! Want to go out to play?” and “I love you so much.”

Press the pound and star buttons to play a little tune.

When the lid is opened the screen lights up displaying the word hello, and turns off when the lid is closed.

There is a button on the side where you can record a message for your little one. Pressing the record button again will erase it unless you lock it using the slider button on the bottom of the phone. The instructions say you can record three messages, but I can only figure out how to record one. I keep overwriting my messages.


The phone requires 3 AAA batteries to operate.

The speaker is located on the back of the phone making it difficult to hear when the phone is placed to your ear.

The volume is very low which I have mixed feelings about. I like that it is quiet so that when I place it to my ear it doesn’t damage my hearing. That being said, it is difficult to hear when you are just playing around with it in your hands.

The phone will ring when the lid is shut.

The carry strap makes it convenient to strap to a stroller or bag so that it doesn’t get lost when on outings. The small compact size makes it great to drop into a bag.

While not the most up-to-date version of a phone, the action of flipping the lid open appeals to little ones. The lid covers the numbers which means that the phone isn’t accidentally activated in a bag or purse.

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