VTech Fix-It Buddies Toolbox

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My son loves to fix things. While we were in Las Vegas we had the opportunity to visit the “Las Vegas Discover Center” where they had an exhibit on cars. My son learned to change a tire and was so proud that he couldn’t wait to send a picture of it to his Uncle.

Vegas Tire Fix

The “VTech Fix-It Buddies Toolbox” is just what every little “Fix-it” boy or girl needs. The set includes a Toolbox, Hammer, Screwdriver, Saw and Instruction Guide.

VTech Fix-it Buddies Toolbox

Approximate Measurements:
Toolbox: 10.5 (l) x 9 (h) x 4.5 (w)
Hammer: 4 (l) x 4 (h) x 1.5 (w)
Saw: 3 (l) x 4.5 (h) x 1(w)
Screwdriver: 1.5 (l) x 4.25 (h) x 1.75 (w)

The toolbox is intended for children 12-36 months. The tools are the perfect size for little hand to grab and use.

VTech Fix-it Buddies Toolbox

There is a On/Off/Volume switch on the toolbox. There are two volume settings, low volume and high volume. There is also an automatic shut-off after approximately 90 seconds. The toolbox uses 2AA batteries.

VTech Fix-it Buddies Toolbox

There are several different activities for your little one to participate in. The Hammer and Nail will teach your little one about colours, numbers and counting. The sound is activated each time you add/remove the hammer and pound on the nail.

The Saw and Wood will teach your little helper about colours and opposites. Just like the Hammer, the sounds are activated when the saw is removed. The block of wood just rocks back and forth as it is being sawed. It is a little awkward to use unless you are holding down the toolbox.

The Screwdriver and Screw will teach your little one about colours and opposites. The sounds are activated when the screw is removed from the toolbox. The screwdriver will often slip out of the screw as you are turning it. It would be easier if there were a magnet or deeper slots to insert the screw into.

VTech Fix-it Buddies Toolbox

Each tool has its own position in the toolbox. There are character pop-ups behind each tool when the nail, wood or screw is activated.

The toolbox plays 4 original songs and 16 familiar melodies like ‘B-I-N-G-O’ and ‘The Bear Went Over The Mountain’.

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