Unicorn Drawstring Party Favour Bags

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Package of “Unicorn Drawstring Party Favour Bags” through the Amazon Vine Program. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

My daughter loves all things unicorns. There has been a ban on plastic bags in our area so she likes to keep a “Unicorn Drawstring Party Favour Bag” with her when we go shopping.

Unicorn Party Favour Bags

The “Unicorn Drawstring Backpack” comes with 14 in the set. I can not identify the fabric, but the Amazon listing calls it a ‘non-woven’ fabric. The fabric feels flimsy but I was unable to rip the body of the bag by pulling on it. The fuchsia pink did leave a mark where I tried to put my finger through it but did not rip. The strap did start to let go from the seam when I pulled it.

Overall I don’t feel that the bags will stand up to daily use, but would be an excellent choice for party favour bags.

Unicorn Party Favour Bags

The bag has a drawstring close. The straps do go over your shoulder but cannot be ergonomically adjusted to protect your little one’s back. The straps are thin cords that will cut into your shoulders if the bag is too heavy.

Unicorn Party Favour Bags

Please be aware if you are using it for personal items that the bag is slightly see-through.

Each bag features a rainbow coloured unicorn horn on a white background with stars and is bordered by bright fuchsia flowers.

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