Terra by Battat – Wild Animals

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My daughter would love to travel the world and see wild animals in their natural habitat. When we visit other provinces she is always keeping her eyes out for bears or moose along the highway hoping to spot one.


While she is waiting to spot her first bear, she enjoys playing with the “Terra by Battat – Wild Animals” playset. The set includes 60 animals, 5 of each figure: Cheetah, Zebra, Rhino, Moose, Lion, Tiger, Bear, Elephant, Camel, Gorilla, Giraffe, Hippo.

Each animal measures between 1-2.5 x 1.5-2.5 inches. The animals are not to scale which means that the giraffe, moose and elephant are all approximately the same size.

Battat - Wild Animals - Scale

Each animal has been painted in an attempt to give it a more realistic look. The detail is patchy, and often just looks messy.

Giraffe Paint

The “Wild Animals” set comes in a plastic container with a rope handle. The container is not very strong and cracks easily. I would suggest purchasing a small basket or tote for storage.

The animals can stand on their own, but sometimes they will fall over because of warped legs.

The recommended age for this playset is three years and older. Please be aware that these pieces are small and could pose a choking hazard.

There are 7 different sets to collect: Farm Animals, Sea Animals, Dinosaurs, Wild Animals, HorsesReptiles and Tropical Fish.

Battat Sets

The toys can be used in a variety of ways, the only limitation is your imagination. My children love to take these toys into the bathtub with them. They dry easily and stay mould free because there is no place for water to get in them.

Teachers can use the “Terra by Battat” playsets in the classroom in a variety of ways. Use these figures to teach data management skills like sorting, graphing and counting. You can find counting mats on “Teachers Pay Teachers” and other sites online.

Counting Mat

When I think of “Wild Animals” my mind immediately thinks of exotic animals like Elephants and Giraffes, and not to things like Moose and Bears. I like that there is a variety of animals in this set and that it includes animals that are native to Canada and around the world.

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