Terra by Battat – Cat Tree

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My daughter loves small toys like the ones found in the “Terra by Battat – Cat Tree” playset. She loves to combine this set together with her other Battat playsets and have her own little animal community.

Terra by Battat - Cat Tree

The playset includes 1 Cat Tree with Base and 2 cats.

Approximate Measurements:
Cat Tree Base – 5.5 (l) x 3 (w) x 3.5 (h) inches
Standing Cat – 1.5 (l) x 0.5 (w) x 1.5 (h) inches
Cat – 2 (l) x 1 (w) x 1.5 (h) inches

Terra by Battat - Cat Tree

The cat tree has a basket where the cats can lounge around at their leisure. There is a small green platform that the cats can play in. There is also a set of stairs that lead to the orange platform. The orange platform offers more visual appeal than functionality. The cats can not rest or stand comfortably on the platform.

“Terra by Battat” toys are made free from BPA, Phthalate and lead. Each toy is 100% non-toxic and passes all USA, all Canadian, and European toxicity and safety tests.

Each cat has a unique pose, one is standing and one is laying down. I like the variety in poses as it allows for more ‘active’ scenarios, like that cat climbing or running.

Terra by Battat - Cat Tree

The “Terra by Battat – Cat Tree” is a great addition to any playroom or classroom. The playset contains no electronics or moving parts, which encourages imaginative play.

The cats are durable and will stand up to years of play. The cat tree base is made of a different plastic that feels that it could crack if played with roughly, although my children have no experienced any issues with it. I also have concerns about how well the posts on the tree will stand up over time, although I feel that it would take significant force to break them.

The “Terra by Battat – Cat Tree” can be washed with warm soapy water.

Terra by Battat Playsets

There are several “Terra by Battat” playsets with bases to collect, check them out on their website.

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