Homein Window Film

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We spend our summers at the campground. We have a large window in our bedroom and finding a way to maintain some privacy while letting in some natural light can be a challenge unless it has to undergo some repair ; click to view contact info.

Homein Window Film

“Homein Window Film” allows you to enjoy your privacy while letting natural light the room. It is an alternative to curtains or blinds.

The window film comes in a roll that is 17.5 x 78.7 inches.

Homein Window Film

The “Homein Window Film” is easy to apply. On a traditionally shaped rectangular window, it would only take a few minutes to install.

The window on our camper has a curve so in our case it was slightly more difficult. We chose to cut the window film directly on the window, but would highly recommend making a template first to make installation easier.


The film is adhesive-free and stays in place through static cling. To apply it to your window remove the apply a small amount of soapy water to the window. The soap allows you to adjust the film for the perfect fit. Use a fresh super sharp razor to ensure precise cuts. Apply the film to the window, slowly removing the backing as you go. We used a credit card to remove the air bubbles.

Camper Window Application

The finished look has a frosted glass appearance. My children say it looks like summer snowflakes.

Homein Window Film

If at any point you wish to remove the film, it can be peeled off your window and reapplied.

We continue to use a blind on the upper portion of the window as we like to have a way to darken the room from the morning sunlight.

We are happy with the “Homein Window Film” and plan on using it throughout the camper.

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