Wantek USB Headset with Mic

Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Wantek USB Headset” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

My son dreams of being a famous YouTube star. He is in the process of learning how to use his new “Wantek Headset” and recording software to create ‘epic’ Minecraft videos.

Wantek Headset

The Wantek Headsetis a basic headset intended for use for internet voice communications, and for that, it works well. However, do not expect a favourable experience if using this for listening to audio files or gaming as that is not what it has been designed for. With just a single ear-piece you will never experience stereo sound.

The sound is clear and I am able to edit our church service videos using this headset. The earpiece has a soft covering and a soft rubber anchor on the opposite side. The earpiece sits ‘on’ the ear rather than over it and after a while becomes uncomfortable. You can use the headset on either ear.

It is lightweight with an adjustable band that fits a variety of sizes. Each member of my family is able to comfortably adjust and wear it.

The noise-cancelling microphone is flexible and can be adjusted to the position that best suits your needs. When you do not need to use the microphone simply rotate it at the base to an upward position to keep it out of your way.

Wantek Sound Box

The control box allows you to easily adjust the mute and unmute the sound and microphone on your headset.

The cord is approximately 81 inches long with a USB adapter. The headset is plug-and-play and requires no drivers.

The “Wantek Headset” is a lightweight headset that works well for call-center and chat situations.

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