Three Reasons to Plan for a Natural Childbirth

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The United States has experienced an increase in interest in natural childbirth, or delivery without pain intervention, in the past few years. From social media to documentaries to the opinions of their own medical professional team, many women may feel pressured in different directions when it comes to creating a birth plan for the delivery of their baby. But for most women, natural childbirth is a healthy and achievable goal for a successful labor and delivery. Here are three reasons to consider choosing more natural methods when giving birth.

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Mobility During Labor and Delivery

Women who opt for natural childbirth will likely be working with a midwife tampa or OBGYN that supports their goals and plans. In these situations, women are often given more freedom to move around during labor, especially without the temporary physical inhibitions caused by an epidural. Most expectant mothers find relief in walking, squatting, showering and utilizing an exercise ball to both manage pain and progress labor.

Faster Recovery Time

While the effects of pain intervention during labor tend to wear off quickly, many women are able to recover faster without using certain drugs or invasive pain relief during childbirth. Even though epidurals are generally considered very safe for mothers and babies, there is a risk for short and long-term side effects. These include nausea, headache, difficulty urinating, trouble pushing and, rarely, nerve damage.

More Control Over Your Birth Story

Choosing a natural birth can help put you more in control of your overall birth experience. When working with those who specialize in natural childbirth, you may be able to have more flexibility in creating a relaxing atmosphere, be more involved in the delivery of your baby, and even have more time one-on-one once your child has been born. Research options for caregivers and facilities that can help you create a birth plan that’s meaningful to you.

You have choices when it comes to delivering your baby. With the right planning and care, a natural birth can be a safe, positive experience for most pregnant women.

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