Safety 1st 360 Cool Mist Nursery Humidifier

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Every winter my son comes down with a cold and it is hard to watch him suffer from a hacking cough and a stuffy nose. We always keep a humidifier in his room to help ease his cold symptoms.

The “Safety 1st Cool Mist Humidifier” comes with the base, tank and mist outlets.

The humidifier is a tear drop shape and is approximately 10 inches high. The base of the tank measures approximate 7 inches in diameter and is the widest point of the unit.

The tank holds about 10 cups of water and on a low setting that will give you 24 hours of cool mist. Several variables can affect how long the water lasts, such as the location of the humidifier in the room, air exchange and even opening and closing the doors. There is no place to add any essential oils or other additives.

Humidifier top

Fill the tank by turning it upside down, remove the cap and add water. Replace the cap and place the tank on the base where it will immediately begin filling the base.

The cap has a float that opens when placed on the base. The instructions recommend using distilled water, although I have used filtered tap water and have experienced no ill effects.

The base works using ultrasonic technology. A ceramic disk silently vibrates at a very high frequency to create a cool mist.

Humidifier Bottom

The front of the machine controls the amount of mist. There is an LED light that indicates when the tank is empty. This feature is a great addition because it allows me to see when the tank needs a refill, even if it is dark in the room.

There is also an auto-shutoff feature that automatically turns the unit off when the tank is empty.

Humidifier Knob

The “Safety 1st Cool Mist Humidifier” has a unique mist outlet system that allows you to control the direction of the mist in two directions. To adjust the mist direction simply rotate the outlets in the desired direction.

Humidifier Mist Outlets

The tank requires weekly maintenance to remove mineral buildup on the base unit and tank. Fill the tank with undiluted white vinegar and leave for 30 minutes, swishing occasionally. Clean with a soft bottle brush. I find this difficult to find something that can get inside the tank for a total clean.

Clean the electronic sensor and float with isopropyl alcohol or vinegar and do not remove the float to clean.

Periodically disinfect the tank by rinsing the inside out with bleach to kill mould and bacteria. The white cap is removable for cleaning as well.

The “Safety 1st Cool Mist Humidifier” does not use any filters or steam. As a result, I am unsure how it kills bacteria or spores that may be present.

We have a steam humidifier and find it very loud, in contrast to the “Safety 1st Cool Mist Humidifier” which runs almost silently.

This small humidifier is a good choice for families with small children because it doesn’t use steam which is a potential burn hazard.

I have some concerns about mould build-up, but with proper cleaning and care, this should not become a problem. Overall, I like the sleek design and ease of use of this unit.

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