Lavinrose Scrunchie (variety pack)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary package of Lavinrose Scrunchies through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

My daughter wears her hair in a ponytail every day for school. She loves the simplicity of “Scrunchies” that easily take her pony from drab to fab.

Lavinrose Scrunchie

The “Lavinrose Scrunchies” come in a variety pack of 48 vibrant colours, we actually received 50. There is a colour to match almost any outfit and mood.

The soft velvet covering of the ‘scrunchie’ means that it will not damage hair. My daughter can wrap the band around her hair twice for a loose fit, that allows it to have a bit of ‘puff’. When she wears it loose like this, my daughter prefers to put an elastic underneath to prevent her ponytail from falling out throughout the day.

My daughter can wrap the band around three times for a more snug fit, but the ‘scrunchie’ loses it’s ‘puff’ and doesn’t look quite as nice.

The elastic has a great stretch. Curious to know what type of elastic it is, I let the seam go to check. It is the same type of elastic that I use in my sewing. Instead of securing the elastic with stitching, it is tied in a very secure knot.

Lavinrose Elastic

Staying true to her unique fashion sense, my daughter loves to wear a ‘scrunchie’ on each wrist. In her classroom, the teacher allows each child to have a fidget toy, so she chooses to play with her ‘scrunchies’.

The “Lavinrose Scrunchie Pack” includes a pink mesh storage bag. It is difficult to sort through the bag to find the band that you want. Instead, we just put them in a basket which makes it easier to rummage through.

There are a variety of ways to wear your ‘scrunchie’. Add your own flair to a braid or a top knot with your favourite scrunchie.

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