HSETIY Super Slime Kit

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My children love to play with slime. We have tried several times to make our own but we never have much success. The HSETIY Super Slime Kit has everything we need to create fun and custom slime.

HSETIY Super Slime Kit

The kit includes: 12 clear and 1 butter slime, 5 empty containers, 4 bags of clay, 3 bags foam balls, 1 container mixed balls, 4 bags and 1 jar of glitter flakes, 2 bags of charms, 4 twist charm containers, 1 jar of pearls, 1 jar of stars, 1 jar of rainbow pearls, 1 jar of shells, 1 jar of letter beads, 6 metallic powders, 48 glitter jars, 1 tennis racket, 2 cookie cutters and 3 cutting tools.

The slime comes premade in a variety of colours. Each container has a different consistency, some are much more sticky than others.

I am unable to find an ingredient list. The instructions suggest using 1 tsp of Borax if it needs to be reactivated.


Empty Containers

The empty containers are small. They are not air tight, so the slime dries out over the course of a couple weeks.

Empty Containers


The clay comes in four colours: Green, Pink, Orange and Yellow. It is used to make butter slime. The more clay you add the more ‘buttery’ your slime becomes.


Foam Balls

There are four bags of foam balls to make ‘crunchy’ slime. Take care not to add too many foam balls, or it becomes too stiff.

Foam Beads

Glitter Flakes

The glitter flakes add a sparkle. The flakes are my children’s least favourite item to add to their custom creation. Although it makes the slime sparkle, the flakes have rough edges that make it uncomfortable to play with.

Glitter Flakes


There are a variety of charms included in the kit. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs. Several of them, such as the unicorn head and deer are much to large to fit in the containers so you will need to find alternative ways of storing your charms.

The small ladybug charms in our kit are actually stickers. Be sure to check the backs and peel off the sticker part before it gets wet and slimy.

The charms are my daughters favourite way to customize her slime. She loves to switch between charms depending on her mood.


Mini Charms

The kit comes with four packages of mini charms. The covers twist and you can shake the charms out. They come in a variety of shapes, styles and colours. The colours on these charms are really bright and they stand out when added to your custom creation.

Twist Charm Containers

Jars of Decorations

This kit has 5 jars of decorations. There is 1 jar of brightly coloured rainbow beads, 1 of pearls and 1 of shells. The kids like how the round beads feel in contrast to the sharp edges of the shells. The letter beads are fun, but we didn’t get enough letters to spell many words. My daughter liked how the stars looked in her ‘unicorn’ slime.

Slime Beads

Metallic Powders

The powders give the slime a metallic sheen. The more you add the more sparkly the slime becomes.

Metallic Slime

Glitter Jars

There are 48 jars of glitter. The covers can be difficult to remove, I have accidentally sent sparkles flying all over the table. I like that you can re-cap the jars after using some of the glitter.

Slime Jars


The tool of choice is the racket that the kids love to push through the slime. The kids don’t use the other tools very much at all.


The Slime

I had gotten the purple slime on my shirt and was able to easily remove it with a combination of toothpaste and vinegar. There was no staining or crustiness left on my shirt.

Glitter Slime

The “HSETIY Slime kit” is recommend for children ages 6 and over. We had a group of children between the ages of 6 and 12 creating their own slime and everyone appeared to have a lot of fun.

Slime Fun

The kit would make an excellent choice for birthday parties. The pre-made slime avoids the frustration (and disappointment) of making your own. The kids had fun picking their own charms and glitters. We made all twelve containers and still had accessories left over.

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