Smithcraft Trivet

Cooking at the campground can be challenging.  Space is limited, especially in our kitchen so finding multi-purpose tools is important to us.  The “Smitchcraft Silicone Rubber Trivet” does double duty in our kitchen acting as a trivet and drying pad in our small kitchen.

Smithcraft Trivet
Each rectangular trivet measures 11.75 x 9 inches slightly smaller than advertised.  They are mult-use and can be used to place hot and cold pots as well as a drying tray.

There are ridges to help with air flow when being used for hot pots and pans. It is non-slip to help prevent dangerous hot spills.

Smithcraft Trivet Back

I like to turn the trivet upside when using it as a drying tray so that the water is contained by the outside lip.  the deeper ridges on this side and allow water to pool into them.

This trivet washes easily with hot soapy water.

The small size is great for small to medium size pots. Place two together for larger items, being careful that they don’t separate. They are flexible and easy to handle using one hand.

Smithcraft Trivet Pot

The small size is also great to use it to open jars.  I have also used this trivet as an oven mitt.  It works well on loop handles on pots like dutch ovens, but it is a little large to use on saucepan handles.

Smithcraft Trivet Handle

The mat stores easily in our small kitchen. It can be rolled or lay flat for storage in a drawer or cupboard.

The “Smithcraft Trivet” is a great addition to our campground kitchen.  Easy to clean and store and offers multiple uses.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Smithcad Trivet” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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