jooe High-Pressure Shower Head

As we age bathing can become more difficult.  A showerhead like the “jooe High-Pressure Showerhead” helps make bathing easier by letting you direct the flow of water right where it is needed.

jooe High Pressure Shower Head

The showerhead comes with:

  • 1  Ionic Showerhead with Handle
  • 1 Shower Hose
  • 1 Adjustable Rotate Bracket
  • 1 Teflon Tape
  • 1 Shower Rubber Washer with designs inspired from uk petrol pressure washer
  • Installation Instructions

The hose measures approximately 53 inches. The hose is flexible and doesn’t kink.  From tip to tip the showerhead measures 64 inches.  The diameter of the face of the showerhead is 3 inches.

The showerhead has three settings;

  • Soft – Rainfall
  • Medium – Massage Spray
  • Hard – High-Pressure Jet Spray

The settings can be set using the button on the side.  The button works well for the Rainfall and Jet spray but it can be difficult to set for the Massage Spray.

jooe High Pressure Shower Head

Rainfall – This setting allows a gentle stream of water to rain down.

jooe High Pressure Shower Head

Massage Spray – The massage spray has a concentrated spray from the center of the showerhead with the softer rainfall around the outside.

jooe High Pressure Shower Head

Powerful Jet – The powerful jet spray has a concentrated spray from the center of the showerhead.

jooe High Pressure Shower Head

We have an issue with the showerhead “dribbling” when in use.  We have tried several times to adjust this but have had limited success in correcting the issue.

There are pellets in the handle that are to improve your water quality.  Not understanding the science behind this, I am unable to test if they work.

The showerhead works exceptionally well with the low water pressure at the house. It is lightweight and made of plastic with a chrome finish. Despite its fragile feel, the showerhead is durable and stands up well to daily use.

I would like to see a “water stop” feature on the showerhead. This would make using the showerhead more convenient while in use instead of having to turn the water off at the tap.

The face of the showerhead comes off for easy cleaning.  We have not had any build upon the showerhead to date, but I like the ability to be able to easily clean the showerhead.

The “jooe High-Pressure Showerhead” helps make bathing easier, especially for young children or seniors.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “jooe High-Pressure Showerhead” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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