GRR-Ripper Complete Double Pack – Micro Jig

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Safety comes first in any job that we do. The “GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock” puts your safety at the forefront when doing any woodworking project.

The “GRR-Ripper Complete Double Pack” comes with the User Manual, Warranty and Registration papers, 2x Main Body, 2x Center Leg, 2x 1/4 inch Leg, 2x 1/2 inch Leg, 2x Hardware Bag, 2x Handle, 2x Balance Support, 2x Stabilizing Plate, 2x Adjustable Spacer and 2x Hardware Bags for plates and spacers.

Grr-Ripper Accessories

It called a 3D Push Block because it allows the user three directions of control: Pressure downward on the table, inward toward the fence and forward through the cut. The green grips on the bottom of the block grab the wood and keep it from sliding.

It allows you to control the block of wood through the entire cut while keeping your hands separated from the blade. The constant pressure that you apply throughout the entire cutting process results in a cleaner cut. It will reduce blade and burn marks by keeping the wood in constant movement through the cut process.

Grr-Ripper Push Blocks

The blocks work as a moving blade guard. The cut is controlled from the top and complete control is achieved with one hand.

The push-block prevents kickback because it keeps the wood tight against the fence and down on the table, both the keeper and the off-cut of your wood are kept under constant control. It also eliminates the need for push-sticks, keeping your fingers safely out of harms way.

Achieve small cuts by using the Balance Support. It provides even pressure on smaller cuts and prevents side wobble. The center leg is also adjustable to help create small cuts.

Grr-Ripper Balance Support

Set the balance support on the side with the 1/2 inch leg for larger cuts.

You can individually replace the legs of the “GRR-Ripper” if you accidentally cut into them.

Use the push-blocks with a variety of tools in your workshop like the table saw, band saw, router table and joiner.

When cutting material that is 18 inches and longer use two grippers for best results. You can move the grippers hand-over-hand to keep pushing material through without stopping, like a power-feeder.

You can also do mitre cuts and with the “GRR-Ripper”.


1/8 inch Leg

Use the 1/8 inch leg to make 1/8 inch cuts. It attaches to the main body by removing a leg or onto either 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch leg.


Handle Bridge Kit

The handle on the main body of the block is in the center to allow even pressure across all three legs. The Handle Bridge Kit allows you to re-position the handle while still applying even pressure. Find the position that is most comfortable for you to use.

Bridge Kit

The trailing hook helps move your wood throughout the cut.

Trailing Hook

This kit includes 2 handle bridges, trailing hook and hardware.

Deflector / Connector

The Deflector / Connector protects you against wood chips and debris.

Deflector Connector

It also attaches two grippers together for larger cuts.

For shorter cuts, the push-blocks can be attached side by side. Attach the push-blocks end-to-end for longer cuts.


This set includes Deflector / Connector Plate and hardware.

Gravity Heel Kit

Use the the Gravity Heel Kit as a static heel to support small pieces from the back.

Gravity Heel Kit

You can also use it as a dynamic heel. Loosen the heel when working with longer pieces of material. It will retract up until the end of the cut when it drops to the table to push the material through the cut.

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