TWIZZLERS Licorice Candy – Cherry Twizzelators, 30 Count

We love to go to the movies together as a family.  It can be tricky finding the perfect snack for my daughter.  It has to be easy to eat in the dark, not messy and most importantly something that can be eaten quietly. “Cherry Twizzlers” fit the bill perfectly.

Cherry Twizzelators Box

The “Twizzlers” come 30 in a box.  They are wrapped in two packages containing 15 pieces each. This helps preserve the freshness. Although the box can be used as a display box, there is no way to seal it to keep the Twizzlers fresh.

Cherry Twizzelators Packages
After opening the package I keep them stored in an air-tight container.  Over time, if not kept in a sealed container the “Twizzlers” have a tendency to get tough.

Each “Cherry Twizzler” is approximately 9.75 inches long and 0.5 inches wide.

Cherry Twizzelators

Each “Twizzler” has 100 calories, and only 1 gram of fat per piece.  While considered low fat, they are high in sugar at 11g and should be eaten in moderation.

The ingredients are corn syrup, wheat flour, sugar, corn starch, modified palm oil, salt, natural and artificial flavour, citric acid, colour, mineral oil and lecithin (soy).

Cherry Twizzler

“Cherry Twizzlers” are the perfect mess-free “anytime” sweet treat.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary pack of “Cherry Twizzlers Twizzelators” through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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