Parvenza Women’s RFID Blocking Wallet

Finding the perfect wallet can be a challenge.  Last summer I lost my favourite wallet and began the search for a new one.  The “Parvenza Women’s RFID Blocking Wallet” has been a great replacement for my lost wallet.

Parvenza Wallet Closed
My “Parvenza Wallet” measures approximately  7.5 inches long, 4 inches high and 1 inch deep (when empty). It is a bright rose (pink) colour with a small amount of black trim on the inside. I love the bright colour, it makes it easy to find.

The “Parvenza Wallet” comes with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking technology.  This protects your ID and credit cards from electronic pick-pocketing.  I tried tried tapping my wallet to pay at the grocery store and was unsuccessful in accessing my card.  I then put the card in another wallet without the technology and tried tapping it again, and was able to pay for my groceries.  So with my limited knowledge and experience it appears that the RFID technology does in fact protect my cards.

Parvenza Wallet ID Slot
There is a snapped pouch inside that I like to store my cell phone in.

Parvenza Wallet Snap Pouch

It also has a zippered pouch which is perfect for storing change, bills and other small items.

The wallet can be closed by snapping the tab across.

Parvenza Wallet Zippered Pouch
The wallet holds 21 cards. Each card shows a little bit of the edge which helps you identify the card you need quickly.  There is a clear card slot to store your license.  There are three larges slots to store bills, receipts or other papers.

Parvenza Wallet Cards Inside

This wallet is large enough to store all my cards without feeling too cumbersome.

There are only two things I would change on this wallet, and both of them are my personal preference in style.  I would like to have a zipper closure instead of a tab.  (This is because when I lost my wallet, it opened up on the highway and my cards were lost. )  The second is the addition of a wrist strap.  I often just carry my wallet with me instead of a purse.  A wrist strap ensures that I do not accidentally leave it behind.

The “Parvenza Wallet” is just as much about function as it is about style.  It is a great day-to-day option for your essential items like ID, cell phone and credit cards.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Parvenza RFID Blocking Wallet” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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