Giant 4-in-a-Row Game

We spend our summers at the campground and that means the kids are always inviting friends over to play. Finding activities that require little prep and even less clean-up are high my list of things to do.  The giant 4-in-a-Row by Giantville is a fun activity that children and adults of all ages love to play.

4 in a Row
What’s in the Box?

The 4-in-a-Row is truly giant, measuring nearly 44 inches high and 46 inches wide.  The kids love playing with these giant pieces. It comes with 2 blue legs, 2 red grid pieces, 2 slider piece, 21 yellow discs and 21 green discs.


The game assembles in just a few minutes.  I find it works best to connect the grid pieces on one side first and then the other,  rather than trying to put both legs on the bottom (or top) piece first. There are pegs on either side of the grid that you drop into slots on the blue bases and lock into place.

I am discovering stress lines around the pegs so I am unsure how well they will hold up over time.

The sliders that prevent the pieces from falling out the  bottom must be forcibly inserted, as per the instructions.  The handles on the end are easy to grab.

Like the pegs on the grid I am discovering stress lines on the plastic, as well as the locks are becoming damaged with repeated use. When the locking pieces stop working the game will continue to work, but the players will just need to ensure that the sliders don’t move during play.

The discs are stored on the blue pins.  They measure 5.5 inches in diameter and are a great size for little hands to grasp.  They drop down from the top and do make a clatter as they fall to the bottom.

After you have made 4-in-a-row pull the sliders and the discs fall out the bottom.

The box claims that it is suitable for outdoor use but it doesn’t feel like the plastic would stand up to the elements. Ours is damaged already.  I am unsure if it arrived this way, or if it was something that I have done transporting it to the campground.  It doesn’t affect the play and I have not contacted the company to see if they will repair or replace the broken piece.

Our Thoughts

The game has definitely has a “WOW” factor. Kids are always amazed at the size of the game and love playing with the giant pieces.  We have left it outside at the campground and have discovered the kids stopping by for a game or two. We set it up the morning after my daughters sleepover and the kids had a blast playing with the over-sized game while waiting for their parents to arrive.

For the average family I am unsure if this would be a good fit.  It is difficult to store, even when taken apart. For our family the smaller version of 4-in-a-Row is a better fit.  It is perfect for family reunions and other group activities where a variety of people will be playing.

Disclosure: I have received a complimentary “4-in-a-Row” game through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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