furReal Walkalots Big Wags, Pup

My daughter loves animals, but due to allergies it’s just not possible for us to have a pet. That hasn’t stopped her from wishing and dreaming of having one of her own.  With a little imagination and the help of “furReal Big Wags” she can have her own little dog to love.

furReal Walkalots Big Wags

“furReal Walkalots Big Wags” includes pet, a 2 part leash, connector, handle and instructions. He contains a button cell battery.
furReal Big Wags Leash

The leash is easy to assemble.  The two leash parts are different lengths.  Click the short piece into the bottom of the connector, then the longer piece to the top and finally the handle.  You can connect two additional  Lil’ wags pets to the connector.  Press the clip on each piece to remove them for storage.

furReal Big Wags Leash Assembled
To attach the leash to “Big Wags” insert the leash into the slot on his collar. The leash is rigid to allow you to push “Big Wags” along but this takes away from the realism. The pup can be picked up using the leash which causes some concerns that it might break.

furReal Big Wags leash attachment
The leash is approximately 22.75 inches long and when attached to “Big Wags” the toy is almost 27 inches. I find this toy is best suited to smaller children.  My daughter has to bend over to walk the dog and and find it uncomfortable after a period of time.

Walking Big Wags

Push the leash forward and “furReal Walkalots Big Wags” walks.  There is an off-centered wheel that rolls as you push him along and it makes it appear as if “Big Wags” is walking.  The pet works best on hard surfaces like hardwood and vinyl flooring.

furReal Big Wags Bottom
As “furReal Walkalots Big Wags” walks, his head and tail bobble which appears to activate his sounds.  He makes a variety of random sounds; he barks, pants and even toots.  There doesn’t appear to be an on/off switch or volume control.

furReal Walkalots Big Wags
“Big Wags” features the big lovable eyes that are found throughout the entire collection.  His body is hard with a furry cover and his tail is hard plastic.

“furReal Walkalots Big Wags” is a fun pet for animal lovers of all ages.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “furReal Walkalots Big Wags” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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