Does Marriage Counseling Help? Here’s What You Need to Know

Does marriage counseling help? When the damage is done and your partner is ready to call it quits, you have to try everything to keep them home.

Photo Credit Remi Walle (Unsplash)
Image Credit: Remi Walle (Unsplash)

Many people question whether marriage counseling helps the situation. Well, good news, if you are at the point in your marriage where you are considering counseling, it is not the end of the road.

Some people are a bit skeptical when it comes to counseling, and it is usually the last result when they have nothing else to turn to. The following is a guide to everything you need to know about marriage counseling and why you should try it, not just as a last result.

You might be in shock at how much more you will benefit from it and the impact it will have on your marriage.

Does Marriage Counselling Help? What You Need to Know 

When you feel like giving up on your marriage, packing a bag leaving and never coming back, remember your vows. The thick and thin part especially makes you want to try anything to repair the relationship.

Here are a few things you need to know about marriage counseling.

Does Marriage Counseling Help?

When couples are considering marriage counseling, they tend to ask people they know whether it was helpful to them or not. In marriage, people have good days and bad days, not every day is full of love and laughter. Two different people, with two different upbringings and two different beliefs, are likely to have the common relationship problems that many couples experience.

To answer your question, yes, marriage counseling does work. There are many statistics and testimonies of successful marriage counseling. Once a couple has children, many dynamics in their marriage life will change. Many of the problems start there.

Children are a huge blessing, but two married people are usually in harmony with each other until another human being comes into the picture. Children are not the only reason for change; many things can lead to changes in the dynamics of a relationship.

Finances are also a big issue with many couples and there are ways to prevent money from becoming a problem. Incorporating new elements into the relationship is usually a hard and touchy subject that often leads to conflict. However, marriage counseling is not a magic wand. There is a process and both of you must commit to it if you want to get positive results.

Safe Space

The beauty of marriage counseling or couples therapy is the fact that it provides a safe space for you and your partner. You are able to talk to each other, not at each other. In addition, you listen and understand what your partner is saying without judgments.

Letting your partner know how you feel and how their actions affect you is a burden off your shoulder. Especially if you can see and believe that they love and understand you.

Nonetheless, both partners must commit to the process because it does not happen overnight. A typical time is usually twelve weeks. With technology and flexibility these days, couples are even able to talk to their counselor via Skype.

After talking and understanding, the counselor usually gives them weekly exercises to help with their problems. The partners then follow up with their weekly assignments and they move to the next step. The first few visits are usually the easiest because the counselor will ask normal questions, ones you probably know the answers to.

It will get harder from there before it gets better. From this rough description, you can easily tell that you must commit to the process because it takes more than booking appointments for you to fix your marriage. It is also important to know when it is time to seek therapy, do not wait until the relationship is unsalvageable.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling gives relationships a new lease of life. It can breathe again, your marriage. Here are a few benefits of marriage counseling.


Most couples have a communication problem. They talk to each other but no one listens or understands. Improving your communication will go a long way in improving your relationship and solving many problems.


Without understanding and realizing what the other person says or why they are hurting, the relationship cannot work. Counseling equips couples with tools that will help them grow and open up mentally. This helps them understand their partner’s feelings and working towards improving.


It is more devastating to have a partner and not feel close to them than it is to be single. Therapy helps bring back the love and care for each other and couples are able to feel close again. Anyone will tell it is a very satisfying position to be in.


All relationships require commitment. For therapy to work, both partners must commit to the process. When they commit to the relationship and are adamant in ensuring they work out their problems, this type of mentally is likely to stick with them even after therapy.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Going for therapy does not mean that you will not argue or have small fights here and there. It just means that you will have the skills to get to a resolution faster. This is because you are able to communicate better and understand each other.

It Is a Fresh Start

Luis Fernandes (Pexels)
Image Credit: Luis Fernandes (Pexels)

Counseling means you get to start a new chapter as a better wife or husband. You do not continue with the old relationship since it had its issues. You get to begin a new one with all the skills and tools you need to make it better than your previous relationship.

It is a fresh start where you forget about the past and focus on the future.


It is better to know than to live with maybes. Not all relationships will work because you went for couple’s therapy. However, you will know that the relationship is over and you get to move on with your life.

It is better than dragging on the pain and hurt for a few years and then going through a bitter divorce. If counseling fails, there is a good chance you will still understand and communicate with each other, especially if you have children.

Does Marriage Counseling Help?

Yes, marriage counseling works. It has worked for so many people before you and it will work for you as well. There are many elements to marriage counseling, all of which are beneficial to your relationship.

Whether you and your partner fall in love and start all over again, or you decide to work on the issues one after another, marriage counseling will help a lot in improving your relationship and communication.

So, instead of asking, “Does marriage counseling help?”, book an appointment, ensure you find the right counselor, and above all be ready to commit to the process.

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