Kupton Housing Case

My son loves to play with his Action Camera especially during his summer adventures. Finding a safe and secure way to mount it onto his bike or helmet can be a challenge. The “Kupton Frame” is compatible with his Action Camera and allows him to securely attach it to his helmet and get right into the action!

Kupton Housing Case

What does the box include?

The frame comes with 1 frame border, 1 quick pull moveable socket and 1 screw.


The “Kupton Frame” is a lightweight rubber frame designed to protect your GoPro.  We do not own a GoPro, but  a Re-Fuel Action Cam that is also compatible with GoPro Accessories.  The Kupton frame fits it well, but hides some of the buttons which limits it’s functionality for my action cam.

It is just a frame that will protect your camera against falls, but bear in mind it has no protective plastic or glass over the open areas of the frame.  It is more suited as a way to mount your camera rather than used as a protective covering.

Kupton Case

The case opens up easily by opening the top clip, and the camera fits snugly inside. The rubber texture allows me to easily grip the camera without it slipping through my fingers.

We are able to replace the mounting clip on the bottom with out own to attach to my sons helmet.

The open spaces allow me to charge my camera without removing the case.  This let me charge it in between action shots.

The “Kupton Frame” is solidly built and works well as a mounting case.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary  “Kupton Frame” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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