Is Cycling Good For You? Is it Ever!

Only 23% of adults in the United States get the amount of exercise they need.

Is cycling good for you? What are the things you should know before you start riding a bike regularly? Can it help you lose weight?

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Cycling helps to change the way you think and makes you stronger mentally and physically.

Are you interested in getting started with cycling? Keep reading to find out more about the benefits!

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Many of us have heard about how great exercise is, but not knowing the specifics can make it a little bit difficult to actually start doing it.

The truth is that exercise is important. It helps us feel better and think more positively. Not only that, but it is something you can do to improve your life later.

Some of the great reasons to start exercising are:

  1. It can improve your mood.
  2. It helps you lose weight and become healthier.
  3. It can reduce the risk of certain illnesses and diseases.
  4. It can help your skin be healthier.
  5. It makes you more energized.
  6. It improves your muscles and bones.
  7. It helps your sleep quality.
  8. It can improve your sex life.
  9. It gives you confidence with yourself and others.
  10. It can be fun!

Exercising helps you in almost all areas of your life. In fact, it can even be a social event. If you don’t like to workout alone, invite some friends that are great with exercise or are beginners like you.

While there are many activities to improve mental health and physical health, cycling has its own specific benefits.

How is Cycling Good For You?

Exercise alone is a great thing to do, but bike exercise benefits are specific and plentiful!

Do you like to be outside? Do you like to feel fresh air?

If you ride a motorcycle, you probably know what it feels like to have the wind in your face. Cycling can give you that as well! To learn more about getting a motorcycle loan, click here to get information.

If you want to burn fat, cycling is a great way to do it. In addition to that, you are also going to be able to build muscle around your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Muscle is leaner than fat, so people that have more muscle in their bodies burn more calories when they aren’t even moving!

Cycling is also a low impact sport, meaning it does not put a lot of strain on your body. It is not weight bearing like other activities, including running, but still gives you a great workout.

A study that was conducted in 2013 found that exercise improved cyclists’ blood flow to their brain by 28%. It rose to 70% in specific parts of the brain. After the exercise was completed, some areas of the brain still had high blood flow as a result!

Cycling has a lot of benefits that are good for any person, no matter your skill level, fitness level, or time availability. Even doing a little bit each week is better than nothing at all and can still give you some of the great advantages that riding your bicycle has to offer.

Boosting Your Brain Power

Cycling helps your brain in many of the ways that it helps muscles throughout the body. It helps it grow.

When you are riding your bicycle with purpose, blood will flow to your muscles easier. This allows the body to build more capillaries and supply more blood, or oxygen, to the muscles.

The same thing happens in the brain!

When you cycle, your cardiovascular system grows and our oxygen levels in the brain increase. Our body is getting more of that good stuff all over, including the mind, helping us feel better as human beings.

Riding your bike helps your brain increase protein production. These proteins are used to make new brain cells. When you ride your bike regularly, you may double or triple the cell production in your brain.

In addition to all of this, it increases the amount of neurotransmitter activity to the brain, which allows us to communicate with other parts of the body better. Your cognitive abilities overall will improve.

Cycling helps you learn to handle stress better, helps increase serotonin and dopamine levels, and allows you to relax easier when you want to. Exercise, in practically any form, is known to help relieve anxiety as well and this is a common problem in the adults of the US.

The benefits of cycling is even better for older brains. The processes that often happen with the natural decline of function in the brain are somewhat counteracted by getting this type of exercise.

Overall, cycling may be the best exercise for mental health because of all of the advantages it gives you.

Beginner Cycling Tips

Is cycling good for you? Obviously, yes! Now that you are interested in beginning to exercise with your bicycle, what should you consider before getting started?

The first step is to research bikes that are within your budget and see if you can find one that fits your lifestyle. After this, you can start building up your endurance until you feel like you are able to go long distances.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and not overdo it! Consider taking a local class or doing a little searching online for more assistance with getting better at cycling to reap the benefits.

If you’re interested in getting more fit and starting to exercise more, you may want to get a fitness watch. Check out our article about the TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker to see if it might be a good fit for you.

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