GPISEN 16 Slot Smart Round Charger with LED for AA/AAA Batteries

Summer is almost here and the kids are excited to bring the Nerf Laser Ops guns to the campground.  That means we need to have a multitude of batteries ready for the next game of ‘Capture the Flag’ to break out. The “GPISEN 16 Bay Round Charger” helps up keep a stockpile of batteries charged and ready.

Battery Charger

The “GPISEN Charger” has 16 bays available to charge both AA and AAA batteries.  Each battery is independently charged, negating the need to charge batteries in pairs. Charge a single battery or fill all sixteen slots to charge a mix of AA and AAA batteries.

There doesn’t appear to be any Canadian safety certifications on this product.  The charger specifications are as follows: Input: 100V- 220V AC 50/60Hz, DC 1.4V 200mA AA, 1.4V 150mA AAA, Power 11W MAX. The charger is quite large, approximately 8.25 inches in diameter.

There are cooling slots below each bay to help keep the batteries cool during charging.  Each slot also has an LED light to indicate when the battery is fully charged.  I would like to see a way to see the progress of each charge. Each bay is dual purposed to hold either an AA or AAA battery.

We seem to have some problems with one of our indicator lights, often times it will not light up.  I have tried several batteries and although the light doesn’t always work, but the bay still charges batteries. The lights show red until the battery is completely charged, then it turns green.



*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “GPISEN Charger” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.




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