Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior Four Pack

My son loves to take his Beyblades and Battle Stadium to school to have battles during recess.  The boys love to challenge each other and become the Champion for the day.  The “Beyblade Burst Elite Warrior 4 Pack” gives my son the variety he craves and needs to make the best Beyblade combination possible.

Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior Four Pack

What does the box include?

The box includes three right-spin tops from the Beyblade Generations: Draciel S, Dranzer S and Xcalius X2 and 1 Switchstrike right-spin top: Genesis Valtryek V3.

A Beyblade consists of an Energy layer, Forge disc and Performance tip that are interchangeable with most Beyblade tops, with the exception of Beyblade Burst Rip Fire tops.


Each Beyblade has a unique set of stats, or you can mix and match tops to create the combination that works best with your style of gameplay.

The four beyblades in this set have the following stats:

DRACIEL S: Defense Type
Energy Layer: Draciel S
Forge Disc: D08
Performance Tip: TD04

Attack: 1, Burst: 2, Defense: 8, Weight: 6, Agility: 2, Stamina: 0

DRANZER S: Balance Type
Energy Layer: Dranzer S
Forge Disc: D06
Performance Tip: TB05

Attack: 3, Burst: 2, Defense: 2, Weight: 3, Agility: 5, Stamina: 4

XCALIUS X2: Attack Type
Energy Layer: Xcalius X2
Forge Disc: D19
Performance Tip : TA08

Attack: 10, Burst: 5, Defense: 0, Weight: 3, Agility: 3, Stamina: 1

GENESIS VALTRYEK V3: Attack Type: Attaque
Energy Layer: Genesis Valtryek V3
Two-Part Forge Disc: DR26 (compatible with other two-part forge discs)
Performance Tip: TA11
SwitchStrike features: in-battle tip change (SwitchStrike feature activations are rare) & spring-blade attack

Attack: 9, Burst: 6, Defense: 0, Weight: 4, Agility: 7, Stamina: 0

What we Think

Battles can be started at a moments notice.  There are no batteries required and a stadium is optional.   The set does not include rippers or a stadium.

The Beyblades are durable and have survived many battles at home and school.  It’s important to remind your little one to keep an eye on the battle as the pieces burst and can fly off in unpredictable directions.  We prefer to battle in our SwitchStrike Battle Tower which helps contain the pieces.

My son loves to mix and match his pieces to make the “most epic” Beyblade combination.  The more tops you own the more possible combinations you can create.

Take your battles to the digital realm with the Beyblade Burst App. There is an app available to download through June 30, 2020 on the Apple Appstore and Google Play.  Scan, customize and battle with players from around the world!

Take your Beyblade Burst battles to the next level with the “Beyblade Burst Elite Warrior 4 Pack“.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Beyblade Burst Elite Warrior 4 Pack” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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