Revlon Men’s series grooming kit

I like to have a couple grooming items on hand whenever I travel outside the home. I used to keep some in my gym bag but they would either get lost or the sharp edges would destroy my bags pockets. So far this kit is working out much better.

Revlon Men's Grooming Kit

The kit contains a pair of scissors, tweezers, nail file, and 2 in 1 nail clippers. It’s exterior is black faux textured leather with a metal rim around the edges. It’s compact at 5 X 3.5 X 1 inches. Other than the nail file, all of the tools slide in and out fairly easily. The rough edges of the nail file catch on the elastic strap. I don’t use the nail file terribly often, but if I did I would imagine that strap would get torn up fairly quickly.

Revlon Men's Grooming Kit Case

All of the tools in the kit are of good quality: the scissors are sharp but with rounded tips to avoid stabbing yourself while grooming; the tweezers work well at grabbing and holding onto single strands of hair for plucking; the 2 in 1 nail clippers cut well, although are slightly large for my tastes; and the file is easy to manipulate and performs its job well.

Revlon Case Contents

Overall a good kit with a stylish, easily portable, and sturdy case. I highly recommend.

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