6 Reasons Why Dancing Is Great For Kids

Dance is a versatile combination of art and movement, with something for everyone. From break dancing to ballet, children can partake in the style of dance that appeals to them. What one child does in dance may be completely different from what their friends choose.

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There are a lot of reasons why dance is such a great extracurricular activity for children. Here are six compelling reasons why dance is great for kids.

Part of a Community

Like many group sports, dancers have a strong sense of community. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, and only fellow dancers can truly appreciate the hard work of their peers. Dancers must find a balance between focusing on developing their personal dance skills as well as syncing with their fellow dancers in a routine.

Though dance isn’t a traditional team sport, your child will still be part of a team. From wearing matching Just for Kix gear at dance competitions and recitals to spending hours together to get the steps just right, both you and your child will feel like a part of something greater.


The array of different dance styles provide something for everyone. While dancing often gets caught in the crossfire of gender norms and labeled as a girls’ activity, more boys are finding their footing in break dancing, hip hop, and musical theater style classes.

Physical Activity

The different styles of dance have one significant benefit in common: physical activity for your child. In a world where technology and screens dominate, it’s more important than ever to get your child active. Like adults, children are recommended to have an hour of vigorous physical activity each day. After hours spent sitting at school, dance can be a great way to get them moving and shaking.

Different dance styles have different benefits when it comes to physical activity. Whereas hip hop and jazz encourage more cardiovascular activity, ballet has a lot of static (isometric) holds, which contribute to core and muscular strength.

Paying Attention to Details

Dance requires children to focus on what’s being said and follow instructions, a valuable life skill that transfers to all areas of their lives. This helps your child develop respect for figures of authority, improves their concentrations skills as movement sequences get layered in choreography, and helps them learn to take constructive criticism.

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Image Credit: Brett Sayles (Pexels)

Emotional Expression

While the early years at dance classes put a significant focus on developing basic movements, the ability to follow and memorize a choreography, and the ability to work with others, later years focus more on personal development. Dance is an art form that is meant to convey emotions to an audience. As such, your child will learn to express their emotions in a healthy manner and connect feelings with words to describe them.


It takes a lot of confidence to put on a dance costume and present your hard work to an audience on stage. Dance can help your child develop their confidence, giving them the knowledge that through hard work, they can accomplish anything.

These compelling reasons to put your child in dance are hard to find in any other sport or extracurricular activity. Look to local dance studios and see what programs might appeal to your children.

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