Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man vs. Thanos Battle Set

My son loves technology, perhaps that’s why Iron Man is a favourite character of his. He would love nothing more than to save the world from evil in Iron Man’s Mark L Armor.  While he may not be able to fly in Iron Man’s suit, he can still pretend to save the world with the “Iron Man vs Thanos Battle Set”.

What does the Iron Man vs Thanos Battle Set Include?

The “Iron Man vs Thanos Battle Set” includes an Iron Man figure, Thanos Figure, 2 Infinity Stones and weapon.


Thanos stands at an impressive 6 inches. Press the button on his chest to activate the sound effect and phrases. He speaks clearly with phrases from the movie. His gauntlet will also light up. His arms move at the shoulders up and down. The slashing feature is activated when you press the tab on the back of Thanos. He will pivot at the waist, allowing his arm to move in a slashing fashion.

Iron Man is smaller, standing at 6 inches. His arms move at the shoulders (up and down) and his head can swivel.

Both figures can stand independently, but neither has legs that can be posed.

What Do We Think?

We haven’t allowed our son to watch “Avengers Infinity War”, so he wasn’t familiar with Thanos. That hasn’t stopped him from having fun saving the world as part of the Avengers team and defeating Thanos.

Iron Man is one of my son’s favourite superheros, but he was disappointed in the Iron Man figure in this battle set. Unlike Thanos, Iron Man doesn’t have any special features. His legs can not be posed and his arms only move up and down at the shoulders.

The Thanos figure is more exciting. His gauntlet will glow when the sound effects are activated and is slashing arm makes it fun to knock things over. It is easiest to activate the slashing movement by grabbing his front leg and using your thumb to press on the tab. It doesn’t require much force and is easily done by younger children.

The weapon is easily placed in Thanos’s grip and holds two infinity stones.

The “Iron Man vs Thanos Battle Set” will bring out the superhero in your little one. True fans will enjoy playing with this set, but the lack of movement in Iron Man takes away from the “action”.  In the beginning my son enjoyed playing with these figures, but their inability to move their joint has made them loose some of their appeal.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Iron Man vs Thanos Battle Set” through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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