furReal Check-up Zandi

My daughter recently made a list of things she wants to accomplish. Topping that list is her desire to lead the government. As a parent it’s my job to help her explore ways to do this, and it has certainly been an adventure for us all. Many other children wish to be a vet or a doctor and toys like “furReal check-up Zandi” allow little ones to explore what it’s like to care for another living being.

furReal Zandi

What does the “furReal Check-up Zandi” Monkey include?

Zandi comes with a stethoscope and thermometer and instruction booklet.


This cute monkey is ready for a check-up! As your little one checks Zandi’s heartbeat or pretends to take her temperature she will respond by making sounds.  There are two activation points to create sounds, one on her stomach and the other when you tilt her head back.  When you tilt Zandi’s head back she will also close her eyes.

Zandi Eyes Closed

Pose Zandi by moving her legs, she can stand on her own or sit down for more stability. The monkey has long arms with large plastic hands and a thumb that can be placed in her mouth. Zandi has large eyes that are typical of furReal pets.

Zandi Thumb

What Did We Think?

This furry pet is adorable but very loud. There is no way to turn down the volume or on/off switch that we can find. My daughter loves to take a toy with her when she is out and about, but we are unable to take Zandi with us because she tends to make noises at inconvenient times.

The sounds that Zandi makes are very cute. She will make monkey sounds, snore and even cough. It would be nice if you could focus the sounds while she is having a check up. It is frustrating when she giggles, while you are looking for a heartbeat. Being able to change between “sick” sounds like coughing and “healthy” sounds like monkey would make this toy more fun to play with during check-ups.

The toy is very stable when sitting, which is perfect when your little one is giving her a check-up. Other dolls we have had in the past, would easily topple over when checking for a heartbeat or temperature. The stethoscope and thermometer are very disappointing. They are simply plastic toys that don’t do anything. The temperature is written on a sticker on the thermometer and so the numbers do not change. The stethoscope is the same, the sounds are activated by pressing a button on Zandi’s stomach and not by the stethoscope. You can’t actually hear anything through the ear pieces on the stethoscope.

The monkey’s arms are not poseable. While they make Zandi cute, they just sort of flop around. I would like to see more stuffing in them. The body and head of the monkey are hard, which makes it difficult to snuggle with Zandi. I love the stability of this monkey. This makes it easier during check-ups. Other dolls we have had in the past easily topple over during check-ups, Zandi sits like a good little monkey while she has the once over.

Overall “furReal Check-Up Zandi” is a cute toy for animal lovers. She makes cute sounds and encourages your little one to explore life as a vet, doctor or just a caring pet owner.

*Disclosure: I received a complementary “furReal Check-up Zandi” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.




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