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Every day with my children is an adventure.  From cooking classes to hockey games, we fill each day with activities that create memories that will last a lifetime! The kids love to share these special moments with friends and family online and “Fotor Online Photo Editor” allows me to quickly and easily edit photos to share.

What is Fotor Online Photo Editor?

“Fotor” is an online photo editor, collage and design maker that allows you to create incredible images with just a few clicks. The intuitive interface allows users of all experience levels to create incredible images. Editing your photos has never been easier!

Fotor Org


Touch-Up and Edit Photos

Edit your images through the menus found on the left side of the dashboard. There are 7 tabs to choose from that allow you to touch up and edit your photos.

Adjust colours, saturation and curves from the Basic tab. There is a 1-Tap enhance feature that will automatically adjust your photo with a single click .  Rotate and crop your photos by using the presets or custom features.

Under the Effects tab  you will find partial and overall filters to enhance your photo and each filter is broken down into categories. Add the filters you most commonly use to “My Favourites” to find them quickly and easily.

The Beauty tab contains the tools to edit your selfies and close ups. The tools are broken down into three categories: Basic, Eyes and Mouth.

The Frames and Stickers Tabs contain a variety of frames and stickers divided into categories that you can search to find the sticker or frame that best suits your needs and mood.

Add text to your image using the Text tab. Choose a font, font size, colour and add drop shadows to make your text stand out on your image.

Create Impressive Collages

Create Collages of your favourite memories. There are 4 categories to choose from: Classic, Artistic, Funky and Photostitching. A selection of templates can be found under each category.  Have “Fotor Photo Editor” automatically fill in your template or drag-and-drop images from the thumbnail panel.  Customize each template with text, stickers and backgrounds and create a collage that tells your perfect story!

Sushi Collage

Create A Design

“Fotor Photo Editor” lets you create stunning designs for any occasion. Choose from a selection of templates or create your own graphic design. There are templates for a variety of situations. Easily create dramatic images for Facebook, YouTube or Instagram or design marketing materials like business cards or posters, the possibilities are endless.

Fotor Create Design

Save your images to the Fotor Cloud to access your photos from any computer after you log into your Fotor account.

What Did I Think?

“Fotor Photo Editor” offers basic editing features that many of the higher price programs offer in an easy to use interface. With a few simple clicks of your mouse, you can create images that you will be proud to share for a lifetime.

While this software lacks some of the more advanced features of programs like Photoshop, it offers everything the everyday users needs to create incredible images. Photo editing and effects to your image are applied through the dashboard without the steep learning curve required by other editing programs.

Fotor Santa Image

You can move objects through layers, add drop shadows, frames, adjust colours to create the perfect image. It is easy to get carried away with all the editing options, especially when adjusting your latest selfie! The weight loss and reshape tools are like blunt tools trying to do fine detail work. The blemish correction, wrinkle remover and other features help enhance my selfie to something I am proud to share. The clone tool is excellent for fixing those fly away hairs and other small details.

I would like to see improvements to the save feature. I would like to be able to go back and change my text, stickers and other edits. Currently I appear to only be able to do this when I use the “Create a Design” feature.

I love how easily and quickly I can create images for my blog using my favourite design template that I can customize for my needs or simply create a project from scratch.  When using the collage template take a moment to proof-read them. During my review process I discovered two spelling errors that I was able to fix using the text editor.

I have had mixed results with printing my images. My images save at 72 dpi, which is suitable for online viewing but not very good for printing, however this may be due to a setting that I have overlooked. Only when I use the “Create a Design” feature do my creations save as 300dpi for printing.

This software offers both a free and a paid option. Use the paid option to gain ad-free  access to all the premium features, remove the “Fotor” watermark and a larger workspace.

“Fotor Photo Editor” is an easy to use online photo editor that brings higher-level photo editing to the everyday user.  For quick image manipulation without a steep learning curve or high price tag, this software is an excellent choice.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary up-grade to “Fotor Photo Editing” software in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.




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