DreamWorks Trolls Bunker Critter Pod

Before each snowstorm is expected to hit, we always make sure we have a “storm box” prepared. We fill it with things we might need in case we are storm stayed for a short time. We know it’s always important to be ready for anything, just like Dreamworks Trolls Branch in his Bunker Critter Pod.

Trolls Bunker Critter Pods

What is in the “Trolls Bunker Critter Pod”?

The “Trolls Bunker Critter Pod” comes with the Branch’s Bunker, mini pod, 2 critters, backpack and a rolling skitterboard.

Branch stands approximately 2.5 inches tall from his feet to the top of his head or 5 inches to the top of his hair. The trolls arms and legs do not move, but his head can swivel.


One side of the backpack straps can be undone to help make it easier to put on. The rolling skitterboard has a peg to insert into Branch’s foot to prevent him from falling off.

Place Branch on the pod’s platform and spin the wheel to the right to raise him to the periscope and to the left to lower him. There is a peg to stick Branch’s foot onto so he doesn’t fall off.

The back of the critter box glows in the dark.

Place a critter in the mini pod and hang it on the Bunker, or clip it directly on the green branch.

What Did We Think?

The Bunker stands about 7 inches tall. It’s small and compact which makes it easy to store on a shelf. It feels well constructed, but we did cause some stress discolouration on one of the green branches when we were trying to get it out of the package.

Branch’s hair sheds a lot. Perhaps after more playtime, it will shed a little less. The hair is fun to play with, reminding me of the trolls I had as a child.

The pegs fit easily into the troll’s feet. Often these pegs can be difficult for little fingers to navigate, but the hole in Branch’s foot is just the right size to make it easy to insert into his foot.

We had some difficulties getting the critter in and out of the mini pod. The pod hangs easily from the green branch on top of the Bunker.

The wheel to raise and lower Branch easily spins, the bumpy edges make it easy for little hands to manipulate. Be sure to stick his hair through the little hole when you raise the platform, or you will end up with a head of messy hair.

The “Dreamworks Trolls Bunker Critter Pod” is a fun addition to any Troll lovers collection!

*Disclosure: I have received a complimentary “Dreamworks Trolls Bunker Critter Pod” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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