Coast Protein Cricket Protein Powder

Our naturopath recommends that we add more protein into our children’s diet. It has proven to be a challenge since neither child really likes to eat meat. We have tried whey, rice and pea protein powders in our smoothies and baking with some success and some failures. We are excited to try the “Coast Cricket Protein” powder to see how it matches up with our previous experiences.


One scoop of cricket protein adds 20g of protein which is similar to what our other protein powders add. The ingredients include Protein blend (organic pumpkin, crickets), natural flavours, salt, stevia extract, organic gum arabic, monk fruit extract).  If you have a mollusc or crustacean allergy then you may also be allergic to crickets.

The “Coast Cricket Vanilla Flavoured Protein Powder” is a  rich golden colour with a strong vanilla flavour. The powder is easy to mask into foods, unlike the ground crickets I have tried in the past.

Coast Cricket ProteinBaking

When I bake with other protein powders I find that the taste and texture is affected. This is not the case with the Cricket Protein.  I added a scoop into the kid’s pancake mix and found only the colour was slightly affected. These were gluten-free pancakes make with almond milk. When I cook with whey, protein or rice powders my baking come out dense and has a chalky flavour.

Cricket Pancake Batter

The pancakes cooked up like regular pancakes, except they had a slightly stronger vanilla taste. They were still light and fluffy like a normal pancake, whereas when I use whey or other protein powders the pancakes tend to be much denser.

Cricket Pancakes

I have offered some of our “cricket” baked goods to other family members. It is difficult for them to get past the fact that there are “bugs” purposely added to the food. For my daughter, the cricket protein powder is the one that appeals to her tastebuds the most…just don’t tell her what it is!

Crickets are not only good for you, but they are also good for the environment. Crickets emit less greenhouse gasses and take less agricultural space and water to grow.

“Coast Cricket Protein Powder” can be discretely added to smoothies, pancakes and even banana bread. Experiment a little and discover your favourite way to add it to your diet!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary package of “Coast Cricket Protein Powder – Vanilla Flavour” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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