Chow Crown

My children are picky eaters and trying to convince them to try new foods can be an adventure. “Chow Crown” encourages my children to try new foods in a fun way that makes them forget all their reservations and fears of trying something new.

Chow Crown Box

Game Objective

Players load the  crown up with little bites of food. When the music starts and the snacks begin spin, the player tries to catch the spinning snacks before the song stops playing.

What is inside the box?

The game includes an electronic crown base (with headstrap), crown front and back, arm holder, 3 jewels, 6 fork arms, 6 plastic crown arms, 6 plastic forks and instructions.

Chow Crown Parts

The Crown

Before you being playing you will need to assemble the crown. It takes just a few minutes to complete the set up. It requires 3 AA batteries for the spinning and music features to work.

Chow Crown

The crown is heavy, so be sure to adjust the straps to ensure a tight fit. There is a pad at the front to protect your forehead. The strap in the back has a series of holes and pins so you can get just the right fit.

Chow Crown Straps

Take the time to ensure that you have a proper fit on the crown to save frustration as you play. The strap must slide down over the back of your head. We struggle with getting the crown to fit properly because of my daughters long hair.  It works best when her hair is left loose, but that poses another problem. When my daughters hair is down the food gets caught in it, and it makes a mess. It hasn’t happened to us yet, but we are also concerned with her hair getting caught as the crown spins.

Chow Crown Hair

How To Play

Stand up and place the crown on your head, making sure that it has a snug fit. Have another player insert the loaded Crown Arms into the Crown Holder. There are two modes of play: Long or Short. Have another player press the green button to start the music. Press quickly for a short game, or longer for the long game. Try to eat all the snacks before the song finishes. When the song ends your turn is over. Count how many snacks you ate, this is your score. Take a few minutes to prep the crown for the next player.

What Did We Think?

The game is a fun way to encourage little ones to try new foods, or even some healthy treats. We loaded ours up with marshmallows and bananas. My daughter had fun trying to catch them, but it was definitely a challenge. The marshmallows would stick to her nose or if she got them in her mouth, they would stick to the fork. The banana’s would slide off the forks with the movement of the crown and hit the floor.

Chow Crown

It is frustrating to have to take the time to clean the forks between each round. I would love to have two sets, so that game play can be uninterrupted.  Overall the forks are easy to clean, with enough space between the tines for quick clean up.

When playing with friends, be aware of any food allergies! Also, make sure there is an adult present during game play. There is a lot of laughter and movement which increases the risk of choking.

The game is quite silly, but fun to play. I love that it encourages little ones to try new foods in an entertaining way. My son is very competitive and is willing to put aside his “I don’t likes” in an effort to win the game.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Chow Crown” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.



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