Mega Construx Inventions

My son has fallen in love with Minecraft where he loves to build crazy structures that defy gravity. During “electronic-free time” he turns his love of building to his “Mega Construx” blocks.¬†Sets like the “Mega Construx Inventions” let him bring his creations to life in the physical world.

Mega Construx Inventions

What does the bag include?

The “Mega Construx Inventions Wheels Building set” comes in a resealable bag that includes 400 assorted building blocks in 6 colours, blue, red, purple, yellow, green and grey.¬† There are 4 special pieces: 2 wrap bricks and 2 launcher pieces to inspire amazing creations.

Mega Construx Beyonders App

The “Mega Construx Beyonders App” is available for download and provides easy to follow instructions for building 8 different projects with your set. More project will be made available to you as you add more playsets to your collection. The app is available only on tablets.

Clicking on the name of the project on the screen brings up a complete inventory list of the pieces required for a particular build. When clicking on the online button, we were disappointed to receive an error message.

The app keeps track of the various builds you have completed and shows how many unique sets, builds, hours played and bricks used. My son loves to keep track of these stats.

Mega Construx App


The playset contains an assortment of pieces that include basic bricks, specialized bricks and wheels, everything that your little inventor needs to create amazing projects.

The construx bricks are made of hard plastic and click together tightly. The bricks can be difficult to separate. The blocks are compatible with Lego pieces. The Blue baseplate is Lego and the Red and Grey blocks are Mega Construxs, the pieces fit seamlessly together.

The Mega Construx Bricks are for children 5 years of age and older. There are many unique and small pieces that can easily be lost or swallowed.

These pieces allow your little inventor to create unique builds that roll and launch. Mix and match different sets to build even bigger and crazier creations!

What Did We Think?

Navigating the app was easy. My 7-year-old son was easily able to follow the instructions on how to build the Blue Dragster, although he had some difficult snapping together some of the smaller pieces. The instructions were similar to the Lego WeDo 1.0 builds that he had explored over the summer.

The designs found in the app are amazing to build and inspire even more creativity. My son loves to modify the designs to make them launch farther, roll faster or look cooler.

We love that we can seamlessly incorporate the “Mega Construx” bricks into our other brick set. My son loves the unique launcher and wrap bricks, he doesn’t have anything similar in his brick collection.

The storage bag is small and easily stores on a shelf. I would prefer a small container for the pieces rather than the resealable bag. There is also an excessive amount of plastic packaging. Inside the big bag were several smaller plastic bags, I would assume this is to simplify the packing process at the factory.

I like that I can wipe down the bricks with warm, soapy water when they get grungy.

In comparison to other blocks on the market, the price point for these sets is excellent. The blocks are of high quality and durable, standing toe-toe with the competition.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Mega Construx Inventions Wheels Building Set” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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