Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck

My daughter would love to have a pet of her own. Unfortunately, due to severe allergies, it isn’t possible for us to have a little furball to love. Perhaps that is one reason why she has fallen in love with the “Littlest Pet Shop” series of toys. With a little imagination and the Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck,  she can have the pet of her dreams…without the sneezing!

Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck

What does the “Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck” include?

The Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck” comes with three pets – Trip Hampston (classic scale), Gigi Mousie (mini scale) and Chet Chipper (teensie scale). Each pet comes with a sun visor. There are 11 food items, and one large water jug with a lemon that connects to the back of the truck, a small purple table and a pink hanging basket. There is also a detachable green bench that attaches to the Treats truck.

Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck Accessories

Features of the Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck.

Your little foodie can serve up amazing snacks with this two level food-truck. The main area is where Trip Hampston and his co-workers can serve up delicious treats for all their friends. The top level terrace features a seating area where pets can have a snack that has been served up by the manually operated hampster wheel. There are six serving dishes on the wheel.

LPS Treats Truck

There is plenty of space to move pets around on the inside of the truck. The green bench can detach when the truck is ready to roll-on out

LPS Wheels

There are various pegs found throughout the “Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck” that the pets can be attached to. Three on the driving seats, one in each wheel and 1 on the Hampster wheel stand.

LPS Front Seat

What did we think?

My daughter loves this truck. She loves anything small and is excited to have a vehicle for her pets to travel in. The food accessories are very tiny so she is extremely careful not to lose the pieces. She keeps them stored in a homemade storage bag.

The Hampster Serving Wheel is a bit of a disappointment. It is difficult to place the food items in the dishes without them flipping the food out. The food items are also difficult to remove from the top terrace without dropping them. Underneath the wheel is a slight ramp, this allows food that falls down to easily slide out.

The pegs are difficult to place the pets on. My daughter just doesn’t bother using them, for the most part. The ones on the truck seat seem very close together and it can be difficult to place all three pets in the front seat. While you can use additional pets in the set, some of my daughters older pets do not fit on the pegs. The holes in their feet are too large (I cannot confirm if these are original LPS pets or just extra toys she owns).

The “LPS Treats Truck” has space for additional pets. My daughter loves placing them in the wheels to take them for a spin.

It’s amazing to watch my daughter play with the “Treats Truck”. It has no lights, or sounds or any other eletronic bells and whistles, instead it encourages her to use nothing but her vivid imagination and ideas to create new worlds to explore.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Littlest Pet Shop Treats Truck” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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