Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer

There is an important birthday coming up and there is no better way to celebrate than with a homemade cake! My daughter is excited to bake a birthday cake on her own using the “Braun MultiMix 5” to mix the batter.

What does the Braun MultiMix 5 include?

The “Braun MultiMix 5” comes with everything you need to mix, chop and whisk.  It comes with the Hand Mixer, 2 dough hooks, 2 multi-whisk beater, 2 cup chopper attachment, chopping blade and accessories bag.


The MultiMix 5 is one of the most comfortable handmixers I have had the experience to use. It features and in-line vertical motor that transfers the weight of the motor from your hands and into the bowl. The soft rubberized handles help you maintain control over the mixer even when your hands are wet or covered in batter.

Braun MulitMix 5 Shortbread Cookies

Slide the on/off button forward to turn the mixer on and release it to turn it off. On the top of MultiMix 5 is a VarioControl speed dial that will adjust the speed from 1 through 9. If you need even more power, there is a turbo setting.

The power cable is approximately 5 ft which is long enough to allow you to comfortably move around as you mix and it moves out of the way when you wish to place the mixer down on the counter.

Braun Mixer control

Press the eject button in the center of the VarioControl speed dial to switch between attachments. The easy clean design ensures that nothing gets inside the housing. The attachments are dishwasher safe.

The two cup mixer is perfect for chopping vegetables or nuts. There is a rubber seal around the bottom to prevent the bowl from slipping during use.

What did I think?

The “Braun MultiMix 5” is a great addtion to any home kitchen. The lightweight mixer makes whisking, mixing and chopping easier.  My old mixer is heavy and awkward to use, after a few short minutes my arm is tired from carrying the weight of the motor. The weight is balanced perfectly in the Braun MultiMix, the weight is distrubuted through the front of the mixer down into the bowl.

One of my favourite snacks is an Apple Salsa, but I don’t make it that often because I dislike chopping the peppers and onions. The MultiMix chops everything I need to make the perfect salsa. It took a few tries to figure out just the right settings, but after a test run or two, I figured it out and had a delicious batch of salsa.

Chopped Onions

The storage bag is convenient to store the accessories in. I like that it keeps everything together, no more searching through drawers to find a missing attachment.

The adjustable speed makes mixing and chopping effortless. I love that it is lightweight enough for my children to use, with supervision. My daughter recently completed a cooking class and is loving exploring the culinary world. The mixer makes short work of blending, mixing and chopping.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Braun MultiMix 5” through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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