Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

My daughter loves to help out with the little ones at our church. She is really looking forward to the day that she can start babysitting on her own. Until then, she loves to practice taking care of her “Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby” that she has named Aura.

Baby Alive

What Comes In The Box?

The “Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby” comes with one Baby Alive Doll, pretend soap dispenser, sippy cup, underwear, reward chart and stickers.

What Does “Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby” Do?

The “Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby” really pees in the purple potty.  When the doll is thirsty, fill her sippy cup with clean water and give her a drink.  Now it’s potty time! Hold her hands, and she’ll begin to a do a potty dance and it’s time to go. Bring her over to potty and set her down, and she will begin to sing and then go “tinkle”!

There is a magnet in the toilet that activates a sensor when she sits down on it, so she will ONLY pee in the potty. I love that this reduces any potential pee accidents. The doll can sit on the potty without any assistance.

She looks very similar to the “Baby Alive Super Snacks Baby“, with the same big eyes and curly hair. She can only drink water, be sure not to put anything else in her mouth or you may damage her.

The doll can speak in English or French. This is a great feature for parents with children in French or English Immersion Language Programs. It’s also a great way to expose little ones to a new language. To switch languages hold the button on the dolls stomach and her left hand for 5 seconds, after changing batteries she will revert back to English. She says over 50 phrases, songs and sounds so playtime is never dull. The doll requires 4 AA batteries and is intended for children ages 3 and up.

Traditionally dolls are considered to “girls” toys. Baby Alive is breaking down that barrier by creating a “Mommy” or“Daddy” experience for your little one. There is a button on the back that easily switches the doll’s conversation to interact with Mom or Dad. I love this feature as it encourages both my children to play with the doll, but it would be nice if it also came as a boy doll as I know my son would be uncomfortable carrying a “girl” doll around.Baby Alive Switch

What Would We Change?

If there were updates to the doll there would be a few things I would like to see added. I would like to see a way to open the doll and sippy cup to dry, as I am concerned about mould forming. A little towel included to help wipe up any spills and dry the potty would be a nice addition to the playset. I would like to see a volume control button and the sounds box moved. My daughter finds that the voice of the doll becomes muffled when she is all bundled up.

What Do We Love?

My daughter loves to interact with the “Baby Alive Doll”. She loves that she never knows what the doll will say or do next.

My daughter has always been good to wash her hands after she uses the washroom, but I love that there is an included pretend soap dispenser to act as a gentle reminder to wash your hands.

The  “Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby”  offers my daughter the opportunity to learn more about the world around her. She is learning how to care for another person, clean up after herself, language skills, empathy and compassion and how to expand her imagination.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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