Sunny Day – Magic Color Change Sunny Doll Set

My daughter has long hair and I have been trying to teach her to braid it on her own. The “Sunny Day – Magic Colour Change Sunny Doll Set” has long hair that she can use to practice on. She loves to experiment on Sunny’s hair and then try it on her own.

The “Sunny Day – Magic Colour Change Sunny Doll Set” is based on the “Sunny Day” cartoon. Sunny stands 11 inches tall. She comes with a removable styling apron, comb and colour change flat-iron. Sunny’s dress and shoes are removable.

Little stylist can help Sunny create amazing new hair styles. Sunny’s rainbow coloured hair can change from pastel to bold rainbow colours. The “magic” flat-iron will help you change Sunny’s hair colours. Switch the button between the pastel and bold settings. Place Sunny’s hair in the middle portion of the tool and clamp it down until the light stays a solid green. You can change her hair between 8 amazing colours.

Only the hair on the white pads will change colours, and the bottom yellow layer of hair does not change colour. To get the best results you can only use a little bit of hair at a time. If you wish to do a whole strand from top to bottom, you must slide the iron slowly down Sunny’s hair. This takes a little practice, and we still struggle with this.

The white pads only get warm or cool to the touch. We have touched them immediately after use and barely noticed any change in temperature. It takes 3 AA batteries to operate.

My daughter had fun experimenting with different styles, like stripes and long solid strands. She soon discovered that the colour change process was based on temperatures and the warmth of her hand would change Sunny’s hair back to a pastel colour, and leaving her in a cold window would turn it all bold colours.

Sunny’s elbows and knees do not bed. She moves at the neck, shoulders and hips. Her legs are painted blue which my daughter finds odd. I like that the doll has a realistic body shape and that she has a bra and underwear moulded onto her. This way if she ever loses her clothes, she is still wearing something.

The “Sunny Day – Magic Color Change Sunny Doll Set” puts the fun in styling hair and encourages my daughter to brush and style her own more often!

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Sunny Day – Magic Color Change Sunny Doll Set” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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