Enchantimals Gillian Giraffe and Pawl

My daughter loves animals. Over the summer she encountered a special bunny named Lapinette and loved to spend time chatting and playing with her. If she could, she would love a pet of her own, but sadly her allergies don’t allow for it. That is why she loves to escape to the land of Everwilde where Enchantimals Gillian Giraffe and Pawl” are the best of friends.

Gillian and Pawl in Package
“Gillian Giraffe and Pawl”  are part of the Enchantimals doll collection, fitting seamlessly in with other playsets like the “Frozen Treats Preena Penguin Doll & Playset” that my daughter received earlier this year.

“Gillian” sports a head of vibrant red hair that can be brushed and styled. She is wearing a yellow top that is painted on and a removable skirt. She has some very giraffe-like features like her tail, ears and ossicones.  On her forehead she has giraffe spots that match “Pawl”, her giraffe bestie, perfectly. The doll stands 6 inches high and has a moveable head, shoulders, legs and knee joints.

“Gillian” can ride on “Pawl’s” back. In order to make her stay on, you will need to ensure that you slide her hands into the reigns that slip onto the giraffe’s neck. It can be tricky for little hands to make this happen. There are two small holes that her fingers and thumb must slide through. If you lose this piece, it will be difficult to keep her on.

The duo has matching hairbands that just set on their heads and Gillian has removable shoes. The shoes have little peg holes in the bottom so that she can be used in other playsets.

“Pawl” is made of hard plastic. He has a tuft of hair on the top of his head that matches “Gillian’s” hair. Unlike Gillian, Pawl’s legs don’t move or bend, but he can stand on his own.

“Enchantimals Gillian Giraffe and Pawl” toys encourage creative and imaginative play.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Enchantimals Gillian Giraffe and Pawl” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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