Barbie Walk and Potty Pup

Bring the excitement of pet ownership home with “Barbie Walk and Potty Pup”.  Children learn through play and the “Barbie Walk and Potty Pup” helps to teach little ones how to be a responsible pet owner by taking the time to “scoop the poop” while Barbie and pup go on a daily walk.

Barbie Walk and Potty Pup

“Barbie Walk and Potty Pup” comes with Barbie, Dog, leash, removable dog collar, food bowl, bone, five poops, dustpan and broom. The poops, bone and bowl are very small and can be lost easily. We have a special bag that we use to keep the small pieces in.  In true Barbie Fashion, she is wearing a trendy black and white striped shirt, denim shorts and pink shoes.

The puppy can really walk and go potty. To start, simply wind the knob on the puppy’s side and pull back on the leash and this will start the puppy walking.  To make puppy poop, you first need to load the pellets into the puppy’s saddle bags. When it’s time to go, push down on the puppy’s tail and she will go potty.

The broom and pan provided to clean up after the puppy clip onto Barbies arms and are awkward to use. If the handles were longer they would be easier to use with Barbie.

Barbie Scooping the Poop

I love that Barbie has a more realistic body shape than the Barbie of my youth. Her chest is smaller and she walks flat on her feet, not on her tiptoes. She has hair that can be brushed and styled. She can move at the neck, shoulder, legs and knee joints. Barbie’s hand is moulded to allow her to hold the leash.

With “Barbie Walk and Potty Pup” your little one’s imagination will soar as she takes these two best friends on epic adventures together.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Barbie Walk and Potty Pup” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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