Barbie Fashionista

My daughter has a fashion sense all her own. She loves to experiment with new hair styles. Perhaps that’s why she loves the “Barbie Fashionista”, it’s a doll that has a bright vibrant style that my daughter admires.

Barbie Fashionista

Inspired by today’s latest trends, the “Barbie Fashionista” has a look and style that’s all her own. This Barbie has a more realistic body shape than the Barbie of my past. I love that she has curves and shows my daughter that you don’t have to be “skinny” to be beautiful.

Due to the more realistic dimensions of this Barbie, traditional Barbie clothes don’t fit. My daughter plans to take this as an opportunity to try out her fashion design skills to create an amazing wardrobe for her newest doll. She comes with a ruffled denim dress and translucent shoes and grey earring top off her look.

Her crowning glory is her hair. The sides are shaved and the top is a vibrant pink that she wears styled in a top knot. Knowing that my daughter will want to style her hair, we took the top knot out and were disappointed to discover her hair appears to be permanentaly kinked from being in the box. We’ve tried wetting it down to see if it will straighten out, but to no avail. Perhaps over time it will straighten out, but if it doesn’t we can still style it in braids, buns and other creative ways.

The Barbie’s elbows and knees do not bend, which makes it difficult for her to sit in my daughter’s Barbie furniture. She has joints at her neck, shoulders and hips.

This Barbie has a style that my daughter can someday model. Her make-up is in neutral colours that compliment her features.  From her clothes to her make-up is is a style that any little girl would love to model.

I love that the  “Barbie Fashionista”  encourages imaginative play. My daughter can take her on a new adventure every day…the possibilities are endless!

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Barbie Fashionista” through the Amazon Vine Program. All opinions are 100% my own.



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